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PROTINT | No more swapping shields.

The ProTint Panovision shield allows you to run one shield for all conditions. ProTint features seamless adaptation and activation to changing light conditions



No matter what or how you ride, one factor remains constant: the need for maximum visibility. Whether racing or going on a simple ride in the mountains, the ability to make safe head checks and see obstacles clearly is critical.

The Panovision viewport in the 2016 and onwards Bell Star offers riders additional vertical and lateral visibility over the previous Star and more traditional viewports. This allows the rider to see better in a tight or tucked position and make safer lane changes and head-checks. 

The Panovision™visor is the only class one optically correct visor on the market.

*Please note these visors will only fit the new 2016 onwards Bell Star, and will not the Star Carbon model from previous years.

Also Fits:

  • Bell Star and Star MIPS (2016 onwards)
  • Bell Race Star Flex and Race Star DLX
  • Bell Pro Star
  • Bell SRT and SRT Modular

Note: Race shields come with tear-off posts (tear-offs available separately)