MAXXIS Maxx Enduro Tyres

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The MaxxEnduro is a race-specification enduro tyre designed for all-day riding in comfort, style and with extreme performance. Featuring a tacky compound and a compliant carcass, the New Enduro tyre is designed to grip the gnarly obstacles found on any track. The New Enduro also excels on technical trail rides, inspiring confidence through predictable traction.

  • Easy to fit
  • Winner of the EnduroGP 2019 in its maiden year
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Knob sides enhance grip on hard terrain and rocks by increasing the tire’s biting edges and knob flex
  • Sheer surface grip as well as great performance across various terrain 
  • Tread pattern features widely spaced large knobs that bite hard, shed mud and steer quickly
  • Rear tyre intermediate- hard compound front Intermediate-soft
  • DOT rated 
  • 13 psi Reccomended front tyre pressure, 12 -14-15 psi reccomeded rear tyre pressure for off road riding