Givi Luggage for Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 2021-23

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Givi offer a great range of luggage and accessories for this popular bike. Check out the range below, or see the Givi website for full fitment info and more details on the products. If you are unsure as to what you need or would like more help, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help you work out your requirements.

Top boxes:
To fit a touring top box or soft luggage on the rear rack, you will need the SRA top box kit. Click here to see top box options

To fit panniers, you will need a PLO one-fit rack, in either a Monokey kit (MK) or Trekker Outback (CAM) version. The rack you require will be dependent on what panniers you choose. For hard luggage, you can then choose from any Monokey panniers or the Trekker Outback. Add an 08RKIT to
turn your pannier frame into a quick-realease frame. Alternatively for soft luggage, choose from the Adventure rangeTouring range or Urban range (we recommend using these with a pannier frame).

Tank bags:
To use a Givi Tanklock bag, you will need a BF65 tank flange. Click here to view the range of Tank Lock tank bags.

Phone, nagivation and smart mounts:
Givi has a range of mounts for gadgets. Click here to view the phone and navigation, smart mounts options.

Crash protection:
The TN8400 is a sturdy 25mm steel tube black engine guard, helping to keep your bike protected in case of a crash.