EBC MX Replacement Brake Discs Standard and Contour

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Front Circular profile

• Front or Rear fitments.
• New Lightweight construction.
• Radical new profile.
• Heat treated carbon steel.
• Gold zinc anodised.


Front Contoured profile

Now available for most popular Moto-X machines, EBC’s new Supercross Contour discs have proved not only to provide a trick looking brake setup, but also deliver great and improved brake feel over conventional solid discs, according to many moto-x riders.

• Extra weight reduction reducing unsprung weight.
• Super trick looking contoured profile.
• Made from heat treated carbon steel with higher friction than stainless steel equals more stopping power.
• Lustre finish gold anodised to prevent corrosion.


EBC Heavy Duty Heat Treated MX Rear & ATV Front and Rear Brake Discs

• Strong heavy duty design.
• Heat treated carbon steel.
• Gold zinc anodised.

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