EBC Brakes V, SV and VLD Semi-Sintered On-Road Pads

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EBC V-Pads are a new longer lasting formula containing over 30% copper by weight to form a world first semi-sintered pad that will deliver powerful braking and longer wear life comparable with fully sintered pads.
The new heat fusion process bonds the V-Pad compound under heat and pressure (similar to the full sintering process) to allow the wear life enhancing addition of copper and carbon particles.
V-Pads combine the long life typical of a fully sintered pad with the low brake disc abrasion (low rotor galling) features of an organic pad making these ideal for all types of hardened or non-hardened brake rotor material.
V-Pads are not designed for any form of track use. V-Pads are fully TUV tested and German KBA approved.

EBC VLD-Pads. Using the same compound as the V-Pads, a limited range of pads for the cruiser market is now available with polished chrome backing plates.