EBC Brakes Extreme Pro EPFA Fast Street and Trackday On-Road Pads

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Mainly street use and occasional track days. EBC EPFA range.

High end EPFA sintered fast street and Trackday brake pads are based on the world top selling Double-H™ material made by EBC Brakes® in its USA plant.

Double- H™ brake pads have won brake shootouts all over the world and grabbed the UK Motorcycle News product of the year award, the outright win in the German Motorrad Magazine brake test and First Place in the French Moto Magazine brake test. Many Double- H™ brake pads also feature double segment pad technology to reduced backplate flexing and better pad venting.

However great the standard Double-H™ brake pads are for extended street use, at the race track riders need a little bit more in terms of BITE and heat cycling ability, that’s where the upgrade options of EPFA sintered fast street and Trackday brake pads and GPFAX  brake pads come in.

The EPFA name stands for Extreme Pro™ and features an enhanced compound with extra friction stabilizing additives to improve brake effect and “Heat Cycling”. EPFA sintered fast street and Trackday pads are a brake pad that you can ride on the street, are German TUV tested carrying ABE certification but are also a great choice for the occasional trackday outing.

These brake pads will last for tens of thousands of miles in street use, run several trackday weekends and still, have some meat on them.