Deltran 1.25 Amp 6V/12V lead acid or lithium Power Tender

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The 1.25 Amp Battery Tender can be switched between different voltage levels and battery chemistries.  Select between 6V and 12V output and choose between lead acid and lithium (LiFeP04) batteries.

Utilising advance software to continually monitor the battery condition assure you are charging and maintaining your battery correctly, leading to longer life and more engine starts.

- 12V or 6V switchable @ 1.25A
- AGM/Standard or GEL/Lithium (LiFeP04) switchable
- ISM Microprocessor constantly updates charge sequence for smooth transitions between charging steps
- Spark proof
- Reverse hook-up protection
- State of charge LED indicator
- Includes alligator clips and ring terminals