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Chain and Sprocket Kits

NOTE: The description includes some basic kit information

i.e. Front tooth count, Rear tooth count [optionally material and colour], Chain type.

e.g. F13 R49 O
F13 = Front tooth count of 13
R49 = Rear tooth count of 49, no following info means standard steel sprocket
O = O-ring chain

e.g. F13 R49SG X
F13 = Front tooth count of 13
R49SG = Rear tooth count of 49, S = Stealth sprocket, G = Gold colour
X = X-ring chain

Rear Sprocket Key:
Type: no info = Steel, A = Aluminium, S = Stealth
Colour: G = Gold, R = Red, S = Silver, BK = Black, BL = Blue
no colour listed on Aluminium sprockets means standard Bronze colour

Chain Type Key:
H = Heavy duty, O = O-ring, X = X-ring, MP = MX Pro or MX Pro2


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